AngularCamp 2017


Welcome to your Community 🙋

The last two AngularCamp’s has been an unbelievable community experience and we are more than thrilled to announce the third AngularCamp on July 6th-7th 2017 in Barcelona!

On the first day (July 6th) with a single track: you can expect great talks from great community speakers. Some of past community speakers include Google Developer Experts: Todd Motto (UK), Wassim Chegham (France), Uri Shaked (Israel) , Manfred Steyer (Austria) and Uri Goldshtein.

The second day (July 7th) is a Barcamp with six tracks with different spaces: more focused on hands on sessions and, as well, some talks as contributions from developers like you! All attendees have the opportunity to contribute and decide what will happen during the day!


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